Who We Are

Strong Branch Productions is made up of a huge pool of collaborators; actors, writers, artists, and more! Here are a few of our biggest contributors.

Note: if you’ve contributed to a Strong Branch project and would like to be featured on this page, just ask! We love to be as inclusive as possible.

Alex Kingsley (they/them) – Writer, Director, Co-founder

Alex is a writer, comedian, and game designer currently based in Madrid, Spain. They are the writer and director of The Stench of Adventure, as well as the voice of The Captain. They are also Strong Branch’s primary game designer. Their fiction has been published in Radon Journal, Sci-Fi Lampoon, Orion’s Beau, and more. Their non-fiction has been published in Ancillary Review of Books, ASPEC Journal, Interstellar Flights Press, and more. For more information on their solo work, visit their website: alexkingsley.org.

Grace Griego (she/her) – Producer, Performer, Co-founder

Grace Griego is a an actress and writer currently attending Swarthmore College. She is the producer of The Stench of Adventure as well as the voice of Stella Thomas.

Elliott Yordy (they/they) – Writer, Public Relations Manager

Clare is an avid writer, former theater kid, and lifelong nerd who is thrilled to be involved in Strong Branch. They’ve worked extensively with nonprofits, families, and children, but has always had a passion and a home in the creative arts. Their hobbies include hanging out with her cat, creating ridiculous stories, and drinking tea. They currently writing and directing a new podcast under Strong Branch Productions as well as managing their social media. 

E.K. Brickner (they/them) – Production Assistant, Performer, Graphic Designer

E.K. Brickner is a generative artist currently studying at Swarthmore College. Their primary interests are generative (and non-generative) art, computer science education, dance, comedy, and musical theatre. E.K. is co-director of codesupport.dev , a 12,000-member community dedicated to helping people learn to program. They also helped edit the script for Oceanborn, a musical that ran for six performances at an off-broadway theater festival.

Alexander Sheldon (he/him)- Performer

Alexander Sheldon, Narrator of the exploits of the Starship Raccoon, is an LA based actor, mask maker, and musician. He is a founding member of the Wallis Studio Ensemble, a physical theatre company dedicated to creating theatre for social change. He is the resident character designer of the Ensemble and has filled such shows as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with otherworldly masked and puppet inhabitants. Raised in the classical tradition at Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum, he specializes in classical theatre and physical performance. In Los Angeles, he is also a company member with Project Nongenue, Chase What Flies, and Meyer2Meyer Entertainment. You can find the Wallis Studio Ensemble at https://www.facebook.com/WallisStudio and his mask and puppet designs on Instagram @theeldritchveil

Noa Posner (any pronouns) – Web Master, Editor, Performer

Noa White is a graduate of Swarthmore College currently based in Madrid, Spain. He is the voice of Professor Greg Thomas on The Stench of Adventure, as well as a script and sound editor.

Josephine Ross (she/her) – Performer

Josephine Ross is pleased to be working with StrongBranch Productions. She is a current senior at Swarthmore College, focusing in the academic areas of Theater, Educational Studies, and English Literature. Originally from Minnesota, Ross has worked with the Guthrie Theatre, the Minneapolis Children’s Theatre Company, the Minnesota Opera, Mixed Blood Theatre, the Jungle Theatre, and Mixed Precipitation Picnic Operetta. In Philadelphia, she has worked with Half Key Theatre Company and Team Sunshine Performance Corporation. She also works as a teaching artist and director. Most recent directing credits include Love Letters, Fredrick, The Oldest Boy, and Shrek the Musical. In the fall, Josephine looks forward to attending graduate school.

Camryn Slosky (she/her) – Performer

Camryn is a neuroscience major at Swarthmore College who has a passion for writing, acting, and photography. She plays the voice of Buttercup in The Stench of Adventure

Neil Steinglass (he/him) – Performer

Neil Steinglass is a stage and voice actor currently studying theater and Jewish studies at Swarthmore College. He is the voice of Dan on The Stench of Adventure.

Jake Chanenson (he/him) – Performer

Jake is an actor and CS educator who will be working on his PhD in Fall 2021. He is the voice of Stu and Puppet on The Stench of Adventure. During his undergraduate career, he was the director of two short plays LoLA and The Dugout. Jake has recently found a passion for lighting design which, unfortunately, isn’t very applicable for a podcast. 

Wesley Han (they/them) – Performer

Wesley Han (they/them) is an actor, a writer, and – most importantly – the voice behind the emotionally repressed and inexplicably British Scottbot. As a non-binary Korean-American, Wesley takes great pleasure in telling stories that subvert the white/cis-het tropes and norms that litter the creative field. Having graduated with a B.A. in theater and English literature from Swarthmore College in 2018, Wesley now lives in New York City with their partner Kyle and their cat Felix. 

Juliet Kingsley (she/her) – Astronomy and Computer Science Consultant

Former band kind and future cat lady, Juliet is a Media Studies and Cognitive Science major currently studying at the University of Virginia. An aspiring game designer, she is excited to work closely with both her sibling (Alex) and father (John) for Strong Branch Productions. She looks forward to many more late-night texts from Alex asking whether their description of spaghettification into a Black Hole is scientifically accurate. 

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