Tales From The Radiator

An Anthology of the Uncanny and Bizarre

Season 1 Out Now!


Tales From The Radiator is an anthology style speculative fiction podcast that strives to feature new writers and actors.

Tales From The Radiator is currently CLOSED to submissions, but below is out submission information.

What to submit

We’ll take stories up to 2000 words. They must have some elements of sci-fi/fantasy/magical realism, but other than that, we have no restriction for you. Go nuts! Simultaneous/multiple submissions are okay, but please notify us immediately if the story was accepted elsewhere. We’re not picky about format, but please use Times New Roman 12 pt. font double spaced, as it’s easiest to read. Keep in mind this is a podcast, so we’re looking for stories that lend themselves well to audio and will give the voice actor a lot to work with. We read submissions anonymously, so please avoid putting any identifying information on the manuscript. This is only to prevent potential bias in our readers; if your story is selected, it will be published under whatever name you choose.

Multiple submissions are fine but please note that we will probably only accept one story per writer. Reprints are accepted so long as we have the rights to produce them. Please include content warnings at the top of your manuscript if applicable. 

What we’re looking for: 

  • Weird fiction. We like writers like George Saunders, Ray Bradbury, Ursula K. LeGuin. We like podcasts like The Magnus Archives, Welcome to Night Vale, Neighbourly, and Hello From The Hallowoods.
  • Stories that feel completely new OR stories that take old tropes and make them feel alive again 
  • Stories that make us feel something – whether they’re scary or funny or thought-provoking, we want to feel like we’ve experienced something after we finish reading. Think Love, Death, and Robots: A huge variety of tones and styles, but still with the speculative thread in common. 
  • Stories that intrigue us thematically– the puzzle pieces of your story should feel like dolphins jumping out of the water in unison. We want it to come together in a way that is satisfying

What we’re not looking for:

  • Anything that is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or ableist.
  • Stories that don’t do anything new or interesting
  • Stories with excessive violence, especially sexual violence 
  • Anything NSFW
  • Anything that toes the line of becoming “trauma porn”
  • Excessive usage of the word “breasts.” We’re serious. We’ve had enough. There’s only so many boobies we can take.
  • Stories where we can’t tell what world it takes place in
  • Stories that feel like like a parable intended to impart a clear lesson, or anything similarly didactic
  • Hard Sells:
    • Stories that involved sex. If it feels right for the story, we’ll take it. If it feels unnecessary, we won’t. 
    • Stories where we can’t visualize it until the end. We love a good twist, but if the twist means we don’t understand what’s happening for most of the story, we won’t be very interested in reading. 
    • Stories that involved animal death or abuse. If it works well in the story, then we’ll take it, but at times it makes stories too dark for our taste.
    • Stories where the takeaway is “humanity sucks and everything is bad”

Who can submit

Anyone! Though we give priority to previously unpublished authors.

Where to submit

When to Submit

We are open to submissions until September 30, or until we reach 100 submissions. Whichever comes first! We hope to get back to you within three months. If you don’t hear back from us by then, feel free to query.


As an indie company we can’t offer much, but we believe it’s better to get paid a little rather than nothing at all. So we offer a token payment of $5 per story. We hope to one day offer professional rates.


Email info@strongbranchproductions.com. Please so not submit stories to this address.

What is Strong Branch Productions?

Strong Branch Productions is a queer-led new media production company that practices anarchism in the arts. We make podcasts and games that champion inclusivity and community. Find more information about our members, our history, and our beliefs here.

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