Strong Branch Productions Manifesto

What does “betraying theater” mean?

Betraying theater means constantly pushing ourselves to question our assumptions. In the arts communities, we constantly find ourselves falling into the same patterns without examining whether or not they are good or right. Here at Strong Branch, we are constantly asking the same questions: How can we make this more accessible? How can we maximize joy? How can we best take care of each other? 

Strong Branch Productions is primarily an experiment with anarchistic arts.

Many companies hold themselves to a standard of professionalism, but we hold ourselves to a higher standard than that. We must strive to be good. Just because something is “professional” does not mean it is right or good. We believe in creating— creating stories and experiences— outside of and apart from the capitalist structure that has taught us how to define success. 

Strong Branch Productions believes in good media. Not creating media that is good quality (though we would certainly like it to be.) We mean media that is, by its very nature, good. 

At the end of the day, we are just a group of people trying to make cool stuff in a healthy and happy way. We should never lose sight of that. 

Friends first, collaborators second.

Inclusivity over expediency. 

Fun before rigor.

Joy before quality. 

Kindness before efficiency.

Compassion before all else. 


Alex & Grace & Elliot

“Fuck around and see what happens,” –The Stench of Adventure Episode One: “How Small You Are”

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