Strong Branch Productions is here to help you produce your original work! Do you have an idea for a project but aren’t sure how to get it off the ground? Or are you almost done with a project but need some final assistance? Strong Branch can help with both of those scenarios and everything in between!

You can hire us to help you in all stages of the creative process; from writing to editing to distribution.

If you think you have a project that you want Strong Branch to work on, please send an email to

We offer services in:

  • Podcast creation, development, and distribution
  • Video game creation, development, and distribution
  • Audio and video editing
  • Original music composition
  • Copy editing
  • Audio and video performances

Is your idea not in those categories? Still drop us a line! We’ll work with you to see how we can best help to make your project come to light.

All of our rates are discussed on a case by case basis. Additionally, we will work with you to determine rights and ownership to projects as well as intellectual property. These factors will be discussed and made clear before any agreements are entered into.

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